Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen





Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen, Doctor of Business Information Technology & a doctorate in business technology & Engineering, touted as a professor of IT at the university of Liverpool, UK.


  • Undertaking security risk assessments.
  • Can remove seemingly insurmountable barriers that are stopping a security program being implemented.
  • Ability to analyse and use evidence effectively to make informed decisions.
  • Have a deep insight into modern information security practices policies.
  • Managing teams across multiple locations.
  • B2B and B2C security strategies.
  • Competency in Microsoft Office applications and database packages.
  • An understanding of the issues facing security within the Retail Sector.


  • Membership of numerous professional bodies and associations.
  • Can influence at senior level within and outside of an organization.

Areas of Expertise

IT security Compliance issues Fire safety.
incident management Security management.

Personal skills that characterise him:

  • Quality-oriented and accurate.
  • Strong stakeholder engagement skills.
  • Used to work with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Analytical and conceptual.
  • Good speaking skills, persuasiveness and leadership.
  • Interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Good adaptability and quick learner of new technical knowledge is essential.
  • Able to analyze complex issues and cause-effect.
  • Strong organization and project management skills, team player, responsible and self-motivated.
  • Good command in spoken and written Dutch, German and English.
  • Developed the design security acceptance test cases for several customers.
  • Rich knowledge and understanding of data center planning and architecting, cloud computing and IT/IS, rich experience of data center facility and IT infrastructure consulting & implementation, Identity, Access and data security.
  • Security input and review of technical designs.
  • Experience on IT/IS migration.
  • Strategic insights.
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