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Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen, Doctor of Business Information Technology and a doctorate in business technology, touted as a professor of ICT. Many years of experience in the implementation of projects in the various IT systems, including security and cooperation. Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (Do as pre condition GPDR integration into all my projects)

Prof. Dr. Henk Jan Jansen has knowledge and skills drawn from over 25 years of infrastructure project management and consulting experience; his education; community participation and life experience. He has line management and project / program management experience and expertise. His ability to quickly assess and comprehend a new situation, and his relaxed but effective communication ability makes Prof. Dr. Henk Jan Jansen an ideal candidate for a wide variety of consulting assignments.

He is suitable for specific and/or “big picture” assignments, where it is known that a solution is required but the problem or situation is unclear or ambiguous. He has been committed to continuous improvement throughout his working life.

Prof. Dr. Henk Jan Jansen has worked with employees, staff, team leaders, managers, executives, union officials, consultants, contractors and the like. He can communicate intelligently with specialists such as engineers, information technology staff, financial/ accounting staff and administrative staff.

He has worked effectively with people from financial services within insurance & Banking, Private & Public Government, Military, Engineering & Construction, IT Services and Communication sectors.

Prof. Dr. Henk Jan Jansen achieves results. He often adds value by achieving more than was originally envisaged. He assists organizations by demonstrating effective management skills, often achieving a transfer of skills to the staff he is working with.

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