Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen

No Nonsense Project-Program Manager | IT & Cyber Security | Infrastructure | Technical Writer

Who is Henk Jan Jansen? Generally, people have the natural tendency to let things, opting for the safety of the existing. To me that never worked: changes offer new opportunities and above all development opportunities. This attitude has led to my career as a project manager and program manager. Both give me a lot of satisfaction because I can support others to realize their growth potential. I consider myself as ambitious and eager to learn. I’m someone who likes to help other people. Others consider me as enthusiastic, motivating and inspiring. My clients ask for this reason often specific to me and give laudatory references to others. For me this is the best confirmation of my qualities and added value that I could wish for. In addition to my work as a project manager and program manager I am studying psychology. I Travel In my spare time, I like to get to know other cultures, I like to dance and I visit dance performances. I also think it is important for a socially relevant contribution. I bring this in practice as an organizer for a fundraising campaign for the Philippines.

What exactly do you do? Project manager and program manager. Consciously I chose that what I am doing, in line with whom I am. The first is very pleasant because I do what I like and secondly it enables me to exploit and further develop my strength. I believe only in being successful, when, in addition to the result – also the way of working will be a success. In addition, I strive my customer to work independently as soon as possible. I therefore attach great importance to achieving sustainable results. As a project manager, I am particularly concerned with organizational issues and change processes. As program manager I have my own view of things, that allows customers to gain insight into own possibilities and needs and that a new impetus to their career. For this is especially question in people who know that they want to do something else, but do not know what that should be.

For what reasons are you self-employed? I follow in my heart. As an entrepreneur, I can focus on what I love to do: achieve growth opportunities with and at other people. As an entrepreneur, it is also important to continue to develop myself constantly. This suits me as a person. This also applies to the enterprise itself: seeing and exploit opportunities, as an entrepreneur is a way of life that I believe in.

What do you find difficult to be independent? The step to a independent contractor, I found it exciting because this is also a financial independence and risk. But entrepreneurship is also a challenge for which I have consciously chosen. For me is the heart of entrepreneurship: goal setting and ensure that they are achieved. Be it counterclockwise, clockwise, to pass underneath or over it. What I mainly important is putting focus on the many entrepreneurial activities. There are many fun activities to which I can spend my time. With those fun activities I earn my money now. I have basically made from my hobby my work.

What are your experiences with entrepreneurship and see your improvement points? Will be shown the personal approach that has entrepreneurship speaks to me. The price/quality ratio is also fine as far as I am concerned compared with the competition. I know not so long entrepreneurship, for the time being I have no targeted areas for improvement. Though I’m wondering how the growing focus on Select entrepreneurship in the relationship with the various professionals will develop. IT systems can be effective and efficient work, but in my opinion, is not a replacement for personal attention.

How do you see the future of the interim market? I see the future of interim market with confidence. I believe in the power of directly connecting to people: clients and professionals but also professionals. Forces the current market to actively undertaking the entrepreneurs? Yes, the market is so changed that customers have a great choice. This means that the future will be sober? According to me not: I think this ultimately can add value for both entrepreneurs and customers. For entrepreneurs because they keep their skills sharp to carry out good work as well. For customers because they also partly as a result of high quality for their solutions. A nice win-win situation and I like that.

What do you want your fellow self-employed professionals still imparting? I wish everyone good luck and nice experiences! Also I invite anyone who feels addressed by contact from above for a more detailed introduction.  The future is full of possibilities and for that I’d love to perform with like minded people!

Technical Advisor – Consultant

  • Writing proposal for the new GDPR regulation
  • Advising GDPR and Triple-A (security solution from P@ssport)
  • Austria Julius Baer Bank Zurich Insurance
  • Writing plans in connection to security and policies
  • Writing proposals for service methods and contracts
  • Involved in several banks and insurance companies in Europe

Additional Organizations

  • Board member Belgium Security group
  • Member Novell group Belgium
  • Member of the Documentations group Belgium
  • Honoured member of the BANIFF security group Portugal
  • Honoured board member Technological Society Technical University Delft Netherlands

Areas of Expertise

IPMA-A | Multiple Project Coordination | Corporate Governance | Customer Satisfaction Technical Project Delivery | IT Transition | Process Transition | MS Project | Governance | Change management | Budget Monitoring Programme Delivery | SharePoint | Budget Process | Unified Communications | Project Design | Project Finance | Project Coordination | Troubleshooting Software | Project Management | MDM Big Data | SAP | Project Delivery | IT Strategy | VMware ESX | Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) | Network Security | Cisco | Program Management | Servers Citrix | PMO – Infrastructure | Project Planning | Team Leadership | Change Management Process Improvement | Security – Architecture | Project Management – Outsourcing | Virtualisation PRINCE2 | Data Center | ITIL | Integration | ICT | IT Service Management | Togaf | Prince2.

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