Types of Hackers


White Hat | Grey Hat | Black Hat

When we talk about computer security, it does not mean our computer is going to burn or get blasted. Instead it means that someone going to gain unauthorized access to do something which is not supposed to be done by you.

For Example:

  • A hacker can attempt to steal money from your Bank, by gaining access to your computer and then fetch the password you use for online banking.
  • A hacker can attempt to send spam emails using your server to random email address for self or specific brand’s promotion.
  • A hacker can access your computer and compromise your privacy.

A hacker is basically a man behind the computer, who focuses on vulnerability in your computers or networks and breaks into it. Sometimes they do it for fun, sometimes for spam, sometimes for profit. In all these cases it is illegal. We have made a quick list of hackers of different types. We will not explain each of them here, but instead we will try to write to give you a general idea.

Types of Hackers | White Hat


White hat hackers are people who hack into systems or networks for betterment of their computers. They don’t do it with unethical intentions, instead they do it so that they can know the way other hackers can do, and then they fix the security hole, if there is any. White hat hackers are mostly security experts. They are usually hired by companies to test the company’s computers security. Bounty Hunters and Penetration testers are other names of White Hat hackers.

Types of Hackers | Black Hat


Black Hat hackers are totally opposite to white hat hackers. They hold unethical intentions and break into computers or networks for their own taste. Black hat hackers are also known as crackers. These types of hackers continuously keep an eye on victim computer’s vulnerability, as soon as they find it, they break into it for malicious intentions. These types of hackers are engaged in almost all types of cyber crimes, such as ID theft, money stealing from Credit Cards, piracy of paid content and so on. They can use malicious websites and malicious soft-wares (worms) to start their journey in victim’s network.

Types of Hackers | Grey Hat


Grey Hat hackers have both White hat and Black hat hacker’s habits. They surf the internet and look for a vulnerable computer system, network or phone system. Once they find one, they hack into it and inform the administrator what or how they have done it. They usually charge a small fee to fix the vulnerability. That’s why they are White Hat hackers too. But they do it all without any permission from owner of website, computer or network, this way they are black hat hackers.

Types of Hackers | Elite or 31337


Elites are masters in hacking. They own a good reputation among other hackers. Similarly, in our society we have people with good reputation and people do what they usually say, e.g. (old reputed people normally). The same way, Elites are seniors in hacker’s communities. They are known as Hacking gurus or masters of computer hacking and deception. Elites are also called 31337 (assuming 3 = E, 1 = L and 7 = T). This is a higher rank than Leet or 1337.

Types of Hackers | Script Kiddie


A wannabe hacker is a script kiddie. These people don’t have strong knowledge of hacking; instead they use readymade tools (by other hackers) to break into a computer or a network. These types of hackers have very little or no knowledge about programming.

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