Cyber Resilience It’s not a fairytale but reality…

We all hearing in our childhood from the fairytale from Anton Pieck the tale of Tom Thumb (Dutch: Klein Duimpje)


You can remember what this little guy could do with these giant boots and how fast he could walk with this.

Imagine that you had these giant boots and could make seven giant big steps to implement a 99.99% secure environment secure?

I want to show you how to do this in following overview

Seven giants steps to Triple’A Framework


As you can read above is following these seven steps a mayor step forwards to a real secure environment and we of P@ssport can assure you that this can be implemented at your premises.

If you want to apply to all the current ongoing security demand than it is getting time to dress yourself with the giants boots…

How do I increase my technical readiness?


How do I get from level 1 to level 5 in 7 steps?

You want to have a peace of mind to feel yourself secure and be also compliant to the ongoing GDPR regulation.

Remember time is running out and we do HAVE a fast track to implement this for you!

Crafts a response in conjunction with their customer compliancy EU programs. The increased cyber opportunities and decreased security liabilities will be good for your business, your brand, and your profits.

Hire a Cyber Investigation Architecture Professional to set your roadmap to provability without the technology burden and myriad that brings costly complex point-to-point security solutions. Is it that simple, yes it is that simple. P@ssport we keep it simple.


I was being asked several times how long a “normal” IAM (Identity Access Management) tool would take in time to be implemented.

Let me give you two examples:

1.    P@ssport implemented an IAM framework for Honeywell; time from start to delivery for implementation was more then six months?

2.    I implemented for Vodafone ForgeRock IAM (Identity Access Management) from start till delivery was taken me one year!

So my conclusion is that our Triple’A Framework solution is taken less time, less investment and less FTE to secure a 99.99% environment.

Technical readiness


Be aware that a breach is costing you much more then when you had the right protection from our Triple’A framework

Remember awareness is the first step after this you notice and see the vulnerabilities within your own environment!

When this is all clear to you act and contact. It is better to prevent that to suffer from the consequences…

P@ssport proud defender of critical infrastructure since 2012

Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen

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