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I have created some online tests in which you can test your knowledge about several subjects.

Please see below the subject, just click on the topic and you will be redirected to this test.

We will select on 25.02.2020 three winners with the highest score and present the ma personal gift.

In case you are a student, we can also promote your score to several Universities

    Automation Systems  Automation Systems

  Artificial intelligence  Artificial intelligence

   Basic knowledge DOS   Basic knowledge DOS

  Database Systems  Database Systems

  Digital Computer Electronics  Digital Computer Electronics

    Basic network  Basic network

  Linux  Linux

  Hardware Knowledge  Hardware Knowledge

  Logical Problems  Logical Problems

  WiFI  WiFI

  System Analysis and Design  System Analysis and Design

  Windows Server  Windows Server

  Management Information Systems  Management Information Systems

  Operating-systems-concepts  Operating-systems-concepts

  Unix  Unix


For those who really want to have some more questions…

  Mixed Questions  Mixed Questions

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