In memory of my dear friend Kevin Estis

I know Kevin Estis since I became his right hand at Darkmatter in Abu Dhabi and was organizing with Kevin boot camps, creating educational materials for cyber and it Education to make our kids more aware of cyber awareness.

Working on several high impact program as Expo202, DigitalE1 (Education DM) and many other occasions in and outside the UAE.

I was in a state of shock when his dear wife Sheila informed about Kevin passing away from us and I did not had the right words at this moment, I was speechless.

Kevin was for me more than a college he became one of my best friends and we had so much in common. My wife and I had great respect how Kevin and Sheila were taken care of their kids and all the pets. When they Estis family moved to Estonia I was surprised how quick they had to leave for Kevin’s new job leaving so much behind.

Kevin Estis was well known throughout the InfoSec Community.  He touched many people, he got a LOT of people started in information security. 

Kevin was also a long time SOC goon for the DEF CON security conference.  He retired in 2015 and was one of the first people to receive a Gold badge from the conference and life-long free attendance for his service.

Kevin and Sheila recently moved from Abu Dhabi to Estonia, for work.  They have 4 wonderful kids that are all under 18 years old.  During the move some months ago, they had to leave behind a large part of their belongings, including pets, in Abu Dhabi.  This tragedy will surely be difficult to put their life back together.  

Money raised will be helpful for Sheila and the kids to get back to the US, back to family and friends, and help get things settled a bit.  

I’m not an orator when it comes to these things, so I’ll copy | pasta from a friend who said it best: 

From Aaron Bayles:
Kevin gave me my first professional IT job. After that he convinced me to take my first information security job and move to the DC area. Once there, he and Sheila Prater Estis kept me sane and taught me how to live and work in the “big city.” Without him, I would not have met some of my best and lifelong friends nor be in the position I am in. He never let anything stand in his way of his dreams and literally moved across the world to achieve them. Even during those times, he was always eager to lend a hand to anyone that needed it and put them ahead. Our friends used to spend Saturdays under an oak tree in front of his and Sheila’s house in Madisonville, drinking beer and listening to Texas Country music most of the day and the night. When I think about Kevin, that’s what I remember. Our world is sadder without him.

Kevin, you will be always in our hearts and in our memory you were for all of us a great example. Rest in peace my dear Friend, God bless you and the family.

Please follow this link to make a donation to get Sheila and the boys back home, it will be more then appreciated.


You were always there Kevin

You were always ready

Ready for everyone

Everyone liked you very much

Enjoyed your stories and knowledge

It hurts to say goodbye

Goodbye by your death

Death means end

End of a life

Live with character.

In this sad state

Your circle of life is complete.


Goodbye Kevin, dear friend

Friend of all of us

All now have remembrance

Memory of existence

Existence of a good person.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen

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