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This is yet again about awareness and how vulnerable you are…

I was talking with a colleague of mine about this topic and decided to write something about this, maybe that we come aware of the real threat’s and that we have them even under are own control. 

There is something strange going on and that is partly attributable to the analytical software that offered free to analyze data. By the choice of the bank, company or website owner to use that software is for a hacker very simple to diving in the environment, since he/she can do this under the root or administrator account. I have see on LinkedIn various complaints and walking across the collected data by third parties which infringe privacy data. Fortunately for us all has a number of data collectors, and sued LinkedIn by third parties for the court. It may be so that there should be greater clarity between the so-called free programs.

We are already in the possession of the knowledge to keep hackers outside the door, by means of proper software and going to use stealth technology, because everything you can see you can also hack, but what you don’t see you can also not hack! We are busy introducing this solution within companies to the extent that they realize that it all starts at procurement, partly because it only issuing a budget indication. It does not have the right knowledge to go on innovation and change within the digital market and that is a missed opportunity.

It will go from bad to worse if we remain depending on the companies before they get into action. Artificial intelligence is also such an item and then off course the data privacy global this must be global guaranteed. The American privacy legislation is too light, allowing all companies therefore to collect data and they may much more than over here in Europe. Look for example the German Datenschutz (German data privacy legislation) Here we can find a middle way so that the global privacy is regulated.

Have the awareness that security attacks can also happen to your company! It would be a clever move to contact us at Passport Cyber Security. We can do a security check if your equipment is vulnerable, or if your cloud provider is secure or insecure? We can also check your data center and create a full report about all vulnerabilities.

Read also my former blogs on LinkedIn. Will keep you posted on all related Data and Cyber Security topics.

Have a wonderful secure day.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen

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