The Internet of Things is dangerous!


Source: DDoS attacks are Dangerous (original in German)

Brian Krebs is an IT security specialist journalist. On 20 September 2016 his WordPress blog was attacked with a DDoS attack. DDoS means “Distributed Denial of Service”, i.e. “distributed denial of service”. It conceals tons of pointless requests that a server flooding until it crashes.

You can protect yourself against these type of attacks. One possibility is a so-called “Content Delivery Networks”, i.e. content delivery networks, the content of a server and take a whole network of many servers deliver worldwide. One of the largest of these networks will be operated by the company Akamai. The attack on Brian Krebs was so high exorbitant that even Akamai overburdened. Since the company Krebs had supplied free it is separated by mutual agreement. Krebs drew its address to Google to avert further damage from other. this is the local address which each user can reach his own computer.


As it turned out, the attack came from a previously unknown, huge botnets. To the astonishment of the experts, cyber-starters had succeeded in capturing millions of devices and abusing them for their own purposes without notice. The attack on cancer, however, was greater than all previously observed DDoS attacks. Shortly thereafter the criminals laid one more on it and flooded the servers of the French Internet service provider OVH with much more digital scrap.

When the source of the attacks were investigated, it was found that the floods came from the Internet of Things. The largest botnets seen so far consists mainly of surveillance cameras and other embedded devices. The fact that such devices are not completely harmless was actually known, warnings could be read in many places, among other things on Google.

Brian Krebs has now come to Google with his website. There is a free protective shield, especially for free journalists, who have made enemies through their reporting. And he did it to analyze the attack. In the meantime, the source code of the botnets has been popping up and there are references to the affected devices.

As always stay save and protected…

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