Compliance Expectations of the Unexpected


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a hot topic for Boards, business leaders and IT teams alike. But it is not just about proving compliance to regulators after 25 May 2018. Foremost individuals will want to know that they can trust your organization to protect their personal data. So GDPR compliance will be critical to building trust and earning loyalty. 
P@ssport is ready to support your smooth transition within several weeks to the new world of GDPR. Our cloud services are designed not only to prepare your organization for compliancy but also to ensure you can continue to protect personal data into the future.

Further more P@ssport does have the best secure environment available on the market Triple-A. Despite what competitors saying, we can proof that we are secure! We did quite some penetration testing with a result of 0% vulnerability nor security breach!

Recently I was talking with a lot of CEO’s and CIO’s from large companies within the automotive and financial industry in Germany, USA and the Netherlands.

I was asking them all the same six questions namely:

  1. How: Do you have compliancy covered in your management plan?
  2. How: You are dealing with the GDPR implementation?
  3. What: Are you aware of your current environment security / compliancy and do you have awareness how this is being handled?
  4. What: Are you interested in a full overview how your current environment is secured?
  5. Who: Is currently busy with the evaluation of these implementations and analysis?
  6. Who: It this method a proven method (case studies)




The outcome was a real surprise to me? Most of them told me that their PIO or security officer was busy to make a plan but where not yet started with making actual plans? In some cases it was all related to the budget and did not fit within the budget from this year? Which was really a shock to me! Is this not called strategic planning! I was asking if they did not plan this in 2016 when determining the budget for 2017 and some of them told me that they did not were aware of this EU compliancy. I see some not working communication channels here.

So you see that even higher management, board members are not very well informed about the risks they are going to take for this year and certainly for 28 may 2018.

In my opinion the sooner you start this compliancy, the better your organization will face to the near future and reduce the chance of having a security breach.


I remember reading some great blogs from Mr. Peter Rus, Strategic Edge Computing Advisor on these topics, which I would strongly recommend you to read.


Illusion-being-control-part-2-an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of response activity






Today I had to give a guest lecture in Cologne, Germany. And every time the same question was coming back to me?

How do I start?

Where to begin? 

Do I have to read first the entire EU regulation, the NIS directive?

Cute woman with facial expression of surprise

It shows that even strategist like a security officer, PIO, or an enterprise/solution architect is not even aware of the upcoming risks?

But do not worry humans are very fast to adopt themselves and are quick learners

I was giving them all the same answer, that there is a great solution for this topic and it starts all within themselves with their own awareness and secondly to look for a solution.

I was explaining them that we as P@ssport are the only Reg Tech Company in the Netherlands, and have the solution for this, so that the companies they working for can be compliant and most of all secure.

Our Triple-A and GDPR Assessment is the ideal starting point on your journey.

Make the right choice and request a demo

Make your choice…

Which road will it be?


Remember awareness is the first step after this, you see the vulnerabilities within your own environment!

It is better to prevent that to suffer from the consequences…

P@ssport – proud defender of critical infrastructure since 2012

Prof. Dr. Ir. Henk Jan Jansen



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