Different Security Models

Security Models Introduction The essence of information security is to protect information. It is just that simple. So whenever possible do not make it more complicated than needed. Complexity for cyber security and privacy arise when information needs to be shared or must be made accessible by some digital device. The world where information was … Read moreDifferent Security Models

Compliance Expectations of the Unexpected

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a hot topic for Boards, business leaders and IT teams alike. But it is not just about proving compliance to regulators after 25 May 2018. Foremost individuals will want to know that they can trust your organization to protect their personal data. So GDPR compliance will be … Read moreCompliance Expectations of the Unexpected

P@ssport Triple A- Aggressive Cyberdefense

Aggressive Cyberdefense- P@ssport Triple A-Fight back the smart way in 3 simple steps BOXING AND AGGRESSIVE CYBERDEFENSE I would like to start with an observation from boxing and how an ounce of aggressive cyber prevention will give you a better stand than the pounds of submissive reactive cyber deflection currently flooding the market. Effective cyber defense is more than flooding … Read moreP@ssport Triple A- Aggressive Cyberdefense

Accelerate Your Response to EU General Data Protection Regulation The Smart Way…

In the meanwhile we are aware of the ongoing GDPR. Let me introduce as stated in my former blog a fast track for implementing the Triple’A and GDPR protecting and compliancy And this time the smart way… Ok before we get started first something why we have to do all of this; EU General Data … Read moreAccelerate Your Response to EU General Data Protection Regulation The Smart Way…

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